Thursday, June 9, 2011

Explain the world.


How did you see the world when you were young?
 It was probably a very different place than it is now. 
How did you explain life? Did the thought even occur to you? 

When I was little, I was the only one who understood the world, and it was a pain always explaining it to adults who never listened anyway.  When I was little, I believed that everyone had at one time been everything, whether now or in the future. I know, that sounds crazy. but I believed that everything had already happened, and we were just experiencing a small impression of it. In a sense, I believed that everyone shared the same being.
Crazy right? I was a strange child. 


  1. I forget who said it, but there are words something like "When you are small the percentage of the world that you think you know is very big and the percentage that is unknown is small in comparison. As you grow older that ratio inverts."

  2. Very nice read and I agree.
    When i was young every walk was an adventure and I used to always make up games along the way. Road signs became car gun attachments to attack other cars while I took drives in my dads car.

    Now adays I am just a boring guy That works and goes to the gym with my girlfriend every odd day waiting for another video game to come out or a party to go to :P

    Life really does change as you grow up

  3. i still believe what you believed as a child. what makes you think that isn't true?

  4. So interesting. Childhood nostalgia hit me hard the other day at work when a six year old girl complemented my pretty pink flowers. She thought they were my flowers. I loved it. (I work in the plant section at a hardware store). Anyway, I'm definitely following!