Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prize Machines


Do you remember these things?
 What was it about these that always made us freeze in our tracks and beg for a quarter?
The toys were cheap, the jewelry was poisonous, and you never got the prize on the front that you wanted. 
Yet to this day I always do a double take when I pass by a row of these. In that moment, the only thing that could make my life worth living again is 25 cents.
For a split second I feel like I'm 5 again..


music by Lili Bellule
music, a photo by Lili Bellule on Flickr.

Do you ever hear an old song on the radio that seems vaguely familiar and you can't figure out why? You hum along through the verses, then as the chorus comes up, it hits you.
"This is that one song from when I was a little kid! Geeze I haven't heard this in forever!"
The memories come flooding back. Musical nostalgia hits you hard.
I was only 4 when 'All the small things' by blink-182 came out and to this day I can still remember every word.
What was your childhood soundtrack?

Explain the world.


How did you see the world when you were young?
 It was probably a very different place than it is now. 
How did you explain life? Did the thought even occur to you? 

When I was little, I was the only one who understood the world, and it was a pain always explaining it to adults who never listened anyway.  When I was little, I believed that everyone had at one time been everything, whether now or in the future. I know, that sounds crazy. but I believed that everything had already happened, and we were just experiencing a small impression of it. In a sense, I believed that everyone shared the same being.
Crazy right? I was a strange child.